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Joris Voorn Upcoming events
30 Jan 2016 • Eindhoven

Awakenings Eindhoven

Chris Liebing, Joris Voorn, Loco Dice, Nicole Moudaber, Speedy J and more

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Joris Voorn Past events
2 Apr 2015 • Amsterdam

Awakenings Easter SpecialSold out

31 Jan 2015 • Eindhoven

Awakenings EindhovenSold out

29 Jun 2013 • Amsterdam

Awakenings Festival 2013 AfterSold out

29 Jun 2013 • Amsterdam

Awakenings Festival 2013Sold out

28 Mar 2013 • Amsterdam

Awakenings Easter SpecialSold out

30 Jun 2012 • Amsterdam

Awakenings FestivalSold out

8 Apr 2012 • Amsterdam

Awakenings 15 Year AnniversarySold out

31 Dec 2011 • Rotterdam

Awakenings New Years SpecialSold out

25 Jun 2011 • Amsterdam

Awakenings FestivalSold out

12 Mar 2011 • Rotterdam

Awakenings RotterdamSold out

26 Nov 2010 • Amsterdam

Awakenings GashouderSold out

3 Apr 2010 • Amsterdam

Awakenings Anniversary

28 Nov 2009 • Amsterdam

Awakenings GashouderSold out

27 Jun 2009 • Amsterdam

Awakenings Festival 2009Sold out

22 Nov 2008 • Amsterdam

Awakenings GashouderSold out

10 May 2008 • Rotterdam

Awakenings RotterdamSold out

30 Jun 2007 • Amsterdam

Awakenings Festival 2007Sold out

7 Apr 2006 • Amsterdam

Awakenings GashouderSold out

23 Dec 2005 • Rotterdam

Awakenings Sold out

2 Jul 2005 • Amsterdam

Awakenings Festival 2005Sold out

15 Apr 2005 • Amsterdam

Awakenings GashouderSold out

31 Dec 2004 • Amsterdam

Awakenings New Years SpecialSold out

3 Jul 2004 • Amsterdam

Awakenings FestivalSold out

5 Jul 2003 • Amsterdam

Awakenings FestivalSold out

Joris Voorn Sets

Podcast #042 - Joris Voorn

Podcast #042 - Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn at Awakenings Festival 2013

Joris Voorn at Awakenings Festival 2013

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Joris Voorn at Awakenings Easter 28-03-2013 (Gashouder, Amsterdam)

Joris Voorn at Awakenings Easter 28-03-2013 (Gashouder, Amsterdam)

Joris Voorn Videos

Highlights Awakenings presents Joris Voorn Special 2015

Joris Voorn @ Awakenings Festival 2015 Day Two

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Joris Voorn @ Awakenings Festival 2015 Day One

Awakenings Festival 2015 - Interview Joris Voorn (Dutch)

Awakenings Festival 2015 - Interview Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn @ Awakenings Klokgebouw Eindhoven 31-01-2015

Joris Voorn @ Awakenings Festival 2014 Day 1

Joris Voorn @ Awakenings NYE Special 31 12 2013 Gashouder Amsterdam

Interview Joris Voorn @ Awakenings Festival 2013

Joris Voorn @ Awakenings 01-01-2013 New Years Special Gashouder Amsterdam

Joris Voorn @ Awakening Festival 2012

Joris Voorn @ Awakenings 08-04-2012 Gashouder Amsterdam

Joris Voorn + Fireworks @ Awakenings 26-11-10 Gashouder Amsterdam

Joris Voorn @ Awakenings Festival 2011

Joris Voorn @ Awakenings Weekender 28-11-09 Gashouder Amsterdam

BE-AT.TV Awakenings Festival 2013 Area V

Joris Voorn Images

Joris Voorn Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn Biography

Joris Voorn is a relatively new producer and DJ from Rotterdam in the netherlands.The full length debut album called 'Future history' on Sino smashed it's way into the technoscene and Joris quicly bacame one of the most respected liveartists and he';s now proven himself also to be a topdj !

Being rased up in a musical family, music became a big part of his life. In his early days Joris played the violin for over eight years, and later on changed to guitar. Around 1995 electronic music caught his attention when for the first time he listened to music from artists like orbital, underworld, leftfield and the orb. Getting deeper into the music when he started dj'ing in 1997, Joris developed an interest in deeper techno and house. Concerning his background, Joris started thinking about making his own music and bought the versatile MC-303 groovebox to experiment with synth sounds and drumloops. End of 2000 Joris started building up a small studio to get more seriously into producing his music, wich lead to his first release called 'muted trax pt.1' on Keynote. This first EP was quite a succes and got played out by people like Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, dj Rush, Technasia and many more.. Since that time Joris released some EP's on different labels like Keynote, Sound architecture, Line and Wolfskuil. End 2003 'Lost memories Pt.1' was released on technasia's SINO label, and will be followed up by 'Lost memories Pt.2' may 2004 containing two killer tracks already been played by many. Discography Releases: Muted trax pt.1 Keynote 05 Muted trax pt.2 Keynote 09 Line 3/4 Line 3/4 The way things appear.. Wolfskuil 001 The first sound EP Sound architecture 001 Lost Memories Pt.1 SINO 09 Lost Memories Pt.2 SINO 10 Appearances: Vision on Turbulence chapter 3 Patterns Blank on Made in Rotterdam EC records Missing on Fuse presents Technasia Music Man Fever on MDH01 by Michel de Heij Trust the DJ It ain't our world on Wax Sessions vol.2 by Angel Molina Sodens 04 on mix CD by DJ Felipe DJ Take off on Switch 5 541 Incident on mixmag CD by Carl Cox Mixmag Remixes: DJ Hansz & Jan Liefhebber - Skyline [funcked' up rework] Highland limited Aja - Your light [evidential dub] Poussez! Pascal Feos - Flashed back [Classic '89 rework] P.V. Records [out soon] Alexander Kowalski - Days of the liar Kanzleramt [out soon] Vince Watson remix Bio
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