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Len Faki Upcoming events
1 Jan 2016 • Amsterdam

Awakenings New Years Day SpecialSold out

Blawan, Chris Liebing, Dave Clarke, Len Faki, Matrixxman and more

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Len Faki Past events
20 Sep 2014 • Eindhoven

Awakenings Eindhoven Day Two

29 Jun 2013 • Amsterdam

Awakenings Festival 2013Sold out

30 Jun 2012 • Amsterdam

Awakenings FestivalSold out

1 Jan 2012 • Amsterdam

Awakenings 01.01

25 Jun 2011 • Amsterdam

Awakenings FestivalSold out

12 Mar 2011 • Rotterdam

Awakenings RotterdamSold out

27 Nov 2010 • Amsterdam

Awakenings GashouderSold out

28 Nov 2009 • Amsterdam

Awakenings GashouderSold out

27 Jun 2009 • Amsterdam

Awakenings Festival 2009Sold out

Len Faki Sets

Len Faki @ Awakenings Festival 2015 Day One

Len Faki @ Awakenings Festival 2015 Day One

Len Faki Videos

Len Faki @ Awakenings Festival 2015 Day Two

Len Faki @ Awakenings Festival 2015 Day One

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Len Faki @ Awakenings Festival 2014 Day 1

Len Faki @ Awakenings New Years Day Special 01-01-2014 Gashouder Amsterdam

Len Faki @ Awakenings Adam Beyer presents Drumcode ADE 19-10-2013 Gashouder Amsterdam

Len Faki @ Awakenings Festival 2013

Interview Len Faki @ Awakenings Festival 2013

Len Faki @ Awakenings 01-01-2013 New Years Special Gashouder Amsterdam

Len Faki @ Awakenings Festival 2012

Len Faki @ Awakenings 01-01-2012 Gashouder Amsterdam

Len Faki @ Awakenings Festival 2011

Len Faki @ Awakenings Festival 2011

Len Faki @ Awakenings 12-03-11 Maassilo Rotterdam

Len Faki @ Awakenings 27-11-10 Gashouder Amsterdam

Len Faki zet Area Y volledig op zijn kop!

Len Faki @ Awakenings Weekender 28-11-09 Gashouder Amsterdam

BE-AT.TV Awakenings Festival 2013 Area V

Len Faki Biography

When Len Faki moved to Berlin in 2003, he already looked back to years of fruitful productivity and the management of two highly acclaimed Techno labels: Monoid and Feis. There, he had attracted artists such as Samuel L. Session, John Selway Umek and The Hacker, with releases of 12inches, albums and mix compilations.

His move to Berlin marked a decisive turning-point in his career. With Len Series he founded an independent platform and trademark for his idea of Techno music. The basic concept including sublabels allows him to explore musical depths and artistic freedom.
His strong appearances at venues like Tresor and Ostgut (Berlin) culminated in his residency at Berghain (the former Ostgut), a position which further fueled his open-minded approach as both DJ and producer. The characteristic extra-long DJ sets force him to vary in tone, style and feed him with extra inspiration.
At Berghain, he also launched the Podium night, a quarterly event where he invites his appreciated colleagues from all over the world. This step also resulted in the birth of his sublabel Podium with releases by Raudive (aka Oliver Ho) or Shinedoe. Right with his first offshoot, he stormed the cases and charts of top DJs/producers such as Luke Slater, Sven and Ivan Smagghe.
While figure sees his own releases in loose combination with artist’s remixes, Podium features exclusive artist releases in combination with his own work. Whereas figure is like heavy tropical rain, Podium appears like a sharply defined sky after the downpour. Both labels stand for cutting-edge Techno music.
His bone-dry but communicative DJ style marks him as a true gentleman behind the turntable, an artist whose sets are based on passion and beauty. His finger tips are like sensors on the Richter scale, and anticipate as well as trigger eruptions on the floor...
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